Money can buy happiness

Money can buy happiness—that’s even what Cambridge University is saying now from their study of almost 77,000 bank transactions. What makes you happy? You don’t want to be happy in just one or two areas—you want to be happy everywhere—in your community, your work, your family, your free time and in all your activities. I want to be happy, do you? Everyone does. Even when we were living in caves years ago we just wanted to be happy.

How many people say, “Money won’t make you happy”? How would they know? If I have never traveled to Venice, and I told you traveling to Venice isn’t anything special, would you take my word? If I’ve never traveled to Venice, what business do I have of telling others about the place? Why do people who have middle-class assets at best give others advice about having riches? I’ll tell you that not having money won’t make you happy either.

By: Grant Cardone